Lzoom Services

Chat & Communication based Services

TV Chat

It is a service of text messaging that appears on TV Channel screen for fees paid by the sender for each message, furthermore, LZOOM has a filtration ......

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Radio Chat

It is a text messaging services that appears to the program presenter to read it for the listeners and interact with them for fees paid by the sender ......

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Subscription based Services

Subscription Services

It is a service in which the user subscribe to benefit from news and information that is sent several times per day or week so as the subscriber would......

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Super Subscription

It is a service that enable any public or private authority which has several services with Lzoom (subscriptions, voting, chatting, surveying …etc.) a......

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Event Updates

It is a service that enable any public or private authority which has a certain event with end date, and this event concerns a group of users who want......

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Tracking Service

It is a service that enables any public or private authority that has a service which the beneficiaries require an update on regular bases whenever th......

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Content & Media based Services


Each channel, network or mass media has a content (clips, programs, images …etc.), they can benefit from all of that and sell it to the audience throu......

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Interaction based Services


Any program which has voting on nominators can make the public contribute in voting for them for fees for each vote, voting can be by one message wit......

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Quiz Competiotion

Any Media publisher or others can give Quiz competition for fees paid by the sender, this can be done through displaying the questions on TV screen, a......

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Any Media authority or others can conduct survey through (on screens corners, news ticker, chatting bar, web site, text messages, radio, and notificat......

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