Event Updates

It is a service that enable any public or private authority which has a certain event with end date, and this event concerns a group of users who want to follow up the news, developments and clips of that event, they can just send a message through the short code in order to subscribe to this service until the date of its end, such as:

1. Receiving updates of a sports match, then the owner of the event rights advertise this service that the users can subscribe to it and receive the latest news, clips and preparation leading  to the match, the subscribers will receive regular updates till the end of the match then the subscription will be automatically terminated.
This services of interest to users whom for their circumstances, obligations or travel, cannot watch the match by other means.

2. An international exhibition and the interested users want to follow the latest news and important events of the exhibitions ’workshops the updates will include video clips and text.

This service is provided by two ways:

1. Prepaid: Merchant bears the cost.
2. Instant Pay: User bears the cost.

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