Tracking Service

It is a service that enables any public or private authority that has a service which the beneficiaries require an update on regular bases whenever there is an update on the tract subject. These update will be sent to the subscriber mobile phone.

The users send a message with the number of the item which they require to follow up to a short code of the merchant, then  the users is updated constantly about the status of the followed item.

Example (1)  A user requires to follow up an issuing of (passport, Residence permit, visa, driving license, vehicle registration, legal attorney, decrees, National ID., commercial registration, municipality license …etc.), then the user sends the number of transaction to the short code then the user will receive updates on the movement of that transaction till it is issued.

Example (2) a user who wants to follow up a shipment or mail parcel, then the user sends the number of the shipment or the parcel number to the short code, and after that the user is updated on the shipment status and its movements constantly till the shipment is received.

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